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Executive, Business & Entrepreneurship Coach Kay Solanki

Meet Kay
A Personal Performance & Business Strategist

My journey so far...

The desire to inspire and support others achieve something more has been part of my work since I started my career over 25 years ago. ​

My professional journey has taken me from teaching to the corporate world performing in roles involving team and operations leadership, business advisory, business consulting, training & facilitation, coaching, mentoring, directorship and also the board room. I have spent a similar amount of time as an entrepreneur.

I know all too well the workings of the corporate world being a leader progressing up the career ladder to becoming an executive Director & CEO to experiencing the pains and wins of starting, growing and selling my own business. Not forgetting starting all over again after moving countries. All experience that contributes in so many ways to the work I do today.​

Having spent a considerable time working with corporate professionals, executives and directors showed me that I was not alone when seeking growth opportunities and avenues to utilise the fuller range of skills and experience, wanting to find a home for them that truly aligned with my passions and strengths. I realised through my work that many were seeking the same thing. The difference was they were unsure about how to do something about it. 


Fast forward to today. I am now back in the driving seat of a boutique coaching and consulting business helping the very same group of people do something about it! A unique facet of my work is that many of my clients are what I term, 'Portfolio Professionals'. Those that straddle between corporate, entrepreneurship & board work. All spaces that I personally work in, contribute to & understand well.

Besides helping others realise their entrepreneurial ambitions, my time is also spent helping business leaders build more effective and efficient leadership teams, boards and businesses. 

So whether you aspire to be an 'intrapreneur' making waves in your corporate career, an 'entrepreneur' wanting to build a strong business or a portfolio professional who does business and board work and want to fast track the journey or improve your effectiveness in your work then maybe I can help
YOU do something about it!


Personal growth journal

"Sometimes you need strategy, sometimes you need tactics, sometimes you just need someone to get

We would be a good fit if you...

Are considering your next career move, diversifying your career or dealing with a career challenge.

You havn't spent much time on your personal brand & positioning  & this needs a tidy up.

Thinking about exiting from corporate life into business.

You have spent so long focusing on your job but navigating the change to being a solopreneur needs some assistance

Building a business & are overwhelmed, running out of steam or want an objective sounding board.

You are the technical expert in your area of expertise but just not a business one.

Are building a leadership team

You have an existing leadership team or may have new members and want to strengthen their leadership potential and performance 

Are a board looking to strengthening your board effectiveness

You are all great at being technical experts and good at governance but need to strenthen board processes and performance as a team

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