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You are your leverage – Success beyond sales and marketing tactics

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Confidence in your abilities

Being in the professional and business development landscape for personal and business brands, & working with hundreds of clients, I noticed that most of the time we are drawn to the theories, tactics and methods of marketing playbooks and blindly follow marketing gurus and see them as the methods by which we too will gain success. Whilst there is some value in this, to what extent we should blindly follow someone else’s methods and practices. In my work, I have noticed that the success that we experience also has to do with the person who is implementing the tactics and the degree these tactics align to that person. The winning becomes more about the person.

A significant part of marketing is the concept of the USP (unique selling point). This can be your product or service but I bet there are many others out there in the market place who do what you do too. Just do an online search & you will see. So how do you differentiate then?

Did you know that the best differentiator is ‘YOU’. Here are 3 reasons why? 1.You have a unique personality that shows up in a way that is exclusive to you. The way you talk, walk, dress, communicate are all specific to you and become your signature.

2. The way you digest, process and interpret information is unique to you. So when you share this either in your writing, presentations, pitches or on your promotional media will convey a message that is nuanced to your style without you even realizing it & it is this that will resonate with some and repel others

3.The combination of your knowledge, skills & experience are set in the context of your own landscape of family structure, educational experiences, cultural upbringing, social and work networks. So when you reference these, they will have their own meaning and can be a super resource to you in so many situations. Having technical knowledge and applying that alone is not enough. So why am I telling you this? The point is that by honing in on what creates leverage for you alone y paying attention to what I have listed above and then activating it into a strategy, can be a game changer for you. Done right, it can fast track your professional and business results and become your competitive advantage. I guess not everyone knows how. That’s where I can help.

The first step to turn your leverage into a strategic tool is to complete a personal audit. Connect with me if you want to know how.



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